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From Timmy Tdat’s naughty video to Akothee’s ARVs comment here are this week’s top entertainment stories

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This week Timmy Tdat was a topic of discussion thanks to a video of his naughty hands. Akothee also lit up social media with her ARV comment. Here are this week’s top entertainment stories.

  1. Timmy Tdat and Brown Mauzo

Timmy Tdat dominated the top trends this week after a video of him getting naughty with a video vixen during the shoot of Wazuri wote went viral.

In the viral video, Timmy tickles video vixen Quinter’s cookie jar prompting fans to cancel him on his behavior.

Many people were offended by the singer’s actions saying that he ought to respect women. However in another version of the video, it is the video vixen who seemingly directed Timmy’s hands to her cookie jar.

When they finally dropped the music, Brown Mauzo spoke to a local publication saying that a lot happened during the shoot.

According to Brown Mauzo, the artistes had hired a few video vixens for the shoot only for a full bus to turn up.

Apparently the vixens showed up with their friends and some were even accompanied by their photographers to get some Insta snippets.

“I asked for a few vixens to come shoot a video with me, but a whole bus appeared. It was the most difficult shoot I’ve ever been to.” He told the publication.

Mauzo said it was hard to control the shoot, especially the pool scenes.

There are also allegations doing rounds on social media that the shoot turned into a mini orgy party. This, the singer did not confirm but maintained that what happened there stayed there.

“What happened there, stayed there, but it was too hectic. We even had to select just a few for the indoor scenes. Wengine bado wametukasirikia!” he concluded

  1. Akothee’s relationship advice

Controversial singer Akothee also revealed she hopes to settle down before this year ends.

In a funny post shared online Akothee says she is looking for a man who will be proud to hold her hand in public.

The No filter hit maker says she wants a man who will not be embarrassed to show her off as his lady.

“My prayer 2020. I wish to have someone hold my hands ,both in public and private . Hii mambo ya kufichwa fichwa kama ARVs sitaki . I will come out in public and introduce you ,if you don’t want to introduce me. If a man isn’t proud of you in public ,then let him not ask for your goodies in private ,we don’t want thieves they will steal your things, your heart , your freedom and your peace  i am just here waiting for my Mr. wrong ,and i will drag that idiot to the right ” she said

  1. Awinja and Papa Shirandula

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Kenyan actress Jackie Vike popularly known as Awinja revealed that the late Charles Bukeko a.k.a Papa Shirandula was upset when she got pregnant back in 2017.

Speaking to comedian Mc Jessy on Jessy Junction, Awinja said the fallen actor was like a father figure to her and that’s why the news of her pregnancy angered him.

Awinja further revealed that even when Daisy Netia a.k.a Naliaka announced plans of her wedding on set, the veteran actor was very inquisitive about Naliaka’s soon to be husband.

“He was like a father to me. When i got pregnant he was very mad at me. Even when he heard Naliaka [who played the role of shirandula’s daughter] was going to wed, he was upset and asked so many questions about her new man. He was so overprotective. I respected papa so much. We had a daughter-father relationship,” she said.

  1. Mutahi Kagwe and his son

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe kicked off the week for us with a funny response after his celebrity son Kahu Mburu Mutahi alias Kahush was accused of flouting the Covid-19 guidelines.

Kahush was last weekend spotted at a house party, believed to have been his birthday.

The CS while responding to the accusations in Kisumu County said that he is not responsible for his son’s actions.

“On the issue of the video footage showing my son at a party, I do not have a son in my house who is below 18 years which means they are all adults. You can follow them and ask them.” he said

KOT argued that the CS cannot lecturer Kenyans daily on keeping social distance and taking all precautionary measures against COVID -19, only for his son to flout the same guidelines.

  1. Willis Raburu and wife

Media personality Willis Raburu opened up about his marriage situation following allegations he parted ways with his wife Mary Ngami.

Speaking in an interview on Jalang’o TV, the media personality refused to divulge whether it is true he parted ways with his wife or not.

The vocal news anchor was asked if he is dating and simply said that everyone knows his relationship status.

Raburu revealed that he is not ready to speak about issues in his marriage in the absence of his wife but promised to get candid and raw when he is ready.

“What do you mean, I’m dating? Everybody knows my situation. And the only way that will be fair to talk about it is if all parties are here. But when the opportunity arises I will talk about it because, I think that there are ups and downs in everything, there is nothing that is absolutely smooth. And the reason why I will talk about it eventually… when am ready…candid and raw.” He said

The two were rumored to have parted ways a few months ago after the news anchor allegedly cheated on his wife with an alleged Rwandese woman.