From UK with a Masters in Molecular Microbiology to selling chai in Kariokor

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By Elishifa Wangechi

May 2015 ,  David  Onyango Odhiambo  received  news  that his scholarship application was successful and in 4 months  time he  was scheduled to  travel and join  Bathe University in England .

By then he  had just completed  Biochemistry Degree at University Of Nairobi.

The  news was a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of hope hanged in the air as he was the 1st in his family to leave Kenyan soil for education abroad.

Little did he know that after the 1 Year  course in a well renowned University, he would come back home and join a group of unemployed graduates  back Home. 

Around Nov 2015,  David  traveled to England and completed his Masters in Molecular Microbiology and jetted back in the country Nov 2016 with nothing but joy having   revamped his Cv and was ready  to be  absorbed in the Kenyan Job Market.

4 years down the line David Onyango  has been  sending  applications to various organizations and at one point worked as an intern.

 He has settled in selling tea in one of the local eatery ‘kibanda’ to earn a living   and surprisingly he partnered with another Bachelor of  Commerce graduate from Maseno University who is on the same predicament.

When I visited his premise yesterday , there  were more troubles  Landlady had locked him out of the hotel where he runs his business due to rent arrears.

 He’s now moving up and down in search of another hustle to make ends meet to feed his wife and daughter back in the village.