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Fuel Shortage Deepens As Petrol Stations Close Down

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Transport sector in the country has continues to be in a crisis following the fuel shortage affecting the country.

A spot check by Ghetto Radio revealed closed down fuel stations occasioned by the shortage.

The fuel shortage is also being experienced in other parts of the countries and according to the government, the shortage is due to low fuel being imported.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio News, a fuel attendant in one of the petrol stations expressed fear of losing income due to the shortage as they kept turning away customers.

 “We ran out of Petrol today at around 7:30 am in the morning while Diesel ran out yesterday. We are facing losses and we might lose our clients because we are turning them away and they will be afraid of coming back to us even after the crisis is over. We would also like to request the government to act quickly for the betterment of the country,” said the attendant.


Paul Ateto a boda boda operator in Ngara says that they have increased fare with 100 percent due to the fuel shortage crisis.

“There are long queues in petrol stations and the only one available in Ngara is the one located at Pangani where you cannot fuel more than Ksh. 500. As boda boda riders we are greatly affected because customers cannot wait for us to queue at the petrol stations since most of our customers are those in a hurry and cannot be able to use matatus. Our customers should also be ready to pay more fare because the fuel shortage has a lot of challenges,” Ateto told Ghetto Radio News.

Ateto has urged the government to intervene into the matter because fuel is essential in their day to day movement.

“We would like the government to find a solution to the fuel shortage problem because we cannot work without fuel and our families will also suffer. We would also like them to reduce the fuel prices once they find a solution to the current situation because we are suffering,” he said.

Despite the shortage, the government has not hiked the fuel prices where petrol still retails at Ksh. 135 per liter while Diesel at Ksh. 116 per liter.

By: Emmaline Owuor


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