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Furious Carragher ;Leicester should be building a statue of Claudio Ranieri

Retired Liverpool defender,Jamie

Former Liverpool  defender and captain Jamie Carragher is furious about the decision reached  by the Leicester City Football club owners to sack a man that led Leicester to win their first ever Premier League title after coming from relegation.

The retired  defender is the latest football personality to comment on the former Foxes’ manager’s  sacking as he suggests that Leicester should build a statue of Claudio Ranieri following the record set by the Italian manager at the club.

“Why sack Claudio Ranieri now? True, almost every other team in the relegation zone has sacked their manager. Hull, Swansea and Crystal Palace took that action. I could understand those decisions but I am furious about this one”,he said.The defender also added that the action has left a sour taste given the club’s overall status.

“I’m angry because Leicester’s owners made a statement 16 days earlier  backing Ranieri. I’m angry because the same owners stood by a manager in a far worse position than this,”Carragher explained.

This comes two days after Claudio Ranieri was sacked as the Leicester City manager, retired footballers and acting managers have come out to  air their views on the matter.

“More than anything, I’m raging with the role of the players, especially after it emerged there was a summit in Sevilla with the owners. A summit! Who organized it? Who attended it? Where was it? When did it take place? I find it extraordinary to do that to a man who’d helped them achieve the unthinkable,”he asked.

Leicester City have been part of the Premier League for 11 times of 25 seasons since it began.The club has been relegated three times, twice after just one campaign of 1994-95 and 2003-04. Their longest unbroken spell in the top flight is six seasons from 1996 to 2002.

The foxes will face Liverpool on Monday in a premier league match  under the care of their assistant coach Craig Shakespeare who will be guiding the side in finding their 2017 first goal in the league.