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Fury As Activists Fail To Show Up For Demonstrations


A planned demonstration by a group of LGBTQ activists today failed to take off after demonstrators failed to show up.

The demonstration planned by the BI KIND INITIATIVE led by Marylize Biubwa.

Biubwa expressed her fury against activists who failed to show up for the demos at Jivanjee Gardens today.

According to Biubwa the continued silence is what has caused gender violence cases to go up.

 “Sexual harassment based on gender identity keeps recurring because of our silence ,we keep quite when the perpetrators come for one of us until there is no one left to speak for us, the human rights organizations have failed this nation because a lot of funds come your organizations but when the reality hits then you don’t show up,”Biubwa said.

Stella Khachi the secretary of  Usikimye and member of LGBTQ, says that there is a habitual laxity and apathy from the government’s side since the police had taken them through circles to get the approval to hold a peaceful demonstration as required by the law of which only a handful people turned up.

“For four days I have been in the police station to follow up on the demonstration notice but I wasn’t give until yesterday, something that should be done in a minutes, this shows laxity in the government,” Stella said.

The group has in the meantime condemned the act of boda boda is regrettable and should not be accepted in a just society regardless of one’s faith, sexual identity or race and the human rights defenders must leave the comforts of their offices and their action seen on the ground and at grassroots levels.

BY Rodgers Oduor