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  • Game on!! Mulamwah 1, Carol Sonnie 1.
  • The duel has since elicited mixed reactions from netizens.
  • Mulamwah dated Carol Sonnie with whom they share a daughter, Keila Oyando.

The game is officially on with Mulamwah at one goal as well as as Carol Sonnie. This is after Mulamwah’s “Baby Daddy” challenge was replied by Mulamwah’s ex-lover, Carol who in “Toxic Baby Mama” challenge.

Barely a day ago, Mulamwah took the internet by storm with his “Baby Daddy” challenge.

In it, Mulamwah proceeds to list what wears him down by being a “Baby Daddy”.

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From failed co-parenting to total witch-hunt Mulamwah names them all.

“Of course am a baby daddy in Kenya, everybody thinks am the problem”

“Of course am a baby daddy in kenya, kila baby mama ananichukia, aki tafadhali aunty si mimi nilikupatia mimba”

“Of course am a baby daddy in Kenya, mtoto alishaambiwa na anajua nilikufa last year” partly rants Mulamwah.

While jumping on the challenge, Carol seemed to own being ‘toxic’ as she hit back in equal measure.

“Of course am a toxic baby mama, Keila is not my kid atazidi kumwonea online”

Of course am a toxic baby mama I told my daughter baba yake aligongwa na train akiwa kazi ya reli” replied Sonnie partly.

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Fans Reactions

The “Baby Daddy”, “Baby Mama” challenge done by the former lovers has since lit the internet with reaction after the other.

Many have since opined that the pair still harbors love for each other. The comments were not only captivating but also hilarious.

We sampled a few below.

“Watafutiwe room…wamalizane tupumue! Sijui ni mimi ama hawa bado wanapendana” shot Jalangoo.

“Love in the air”

“Hahaha hawa wapige collabo hii ni content tupu”

“Baby Daddy 1 Vs Baby Mama 1…Extra time”

“Hawa wakiendelea hivi watapata baby number 2, usiniulize najua aje, mimi ni mzee wa zamani najua mambo mengi”

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Mulamwah previously dated Carol Sonnie with whom they share a daughter, Keila Oyando.

The comedian cum media personality is currently married to content creator, Ruth K popularly known as ‘bestie’.

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