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Gangs Re-emerge In Mathare, Residents Wants Cop Rashid Back (VIDEO)


Mathare residents are now calling for the return of controversial cop Rashid Ahmed.

This is after a video emerged of a young man being attacked by notorious thugs in Kosovo area in Mathare.

This comes just a few days after a section of Kenyans On Twitter trolled Rashid for reportedly being behind the many extra judicial killings in Mathare, Eastleigh and Pangani.

According to the residents , the trolling of Rashid on Social Media made him take a low key in his fight against crime hence, the return of the gangs.

“Rashid was strict but at least he made this area safe,” stated one resident.

“These gangs are back, you cannot walk in Kosovo past 6 am, we are really suffering,” he said.

Check out the video of a guy being attacked in Kosovo;