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Gavana Sonko Araruliwa Shati, Alia Kama Mtoto (VIDEO)


Sonko seems to have had a tough day on Friday after Director of Public Prosecutions Nordin Haji ordered for his arrest.

The flamboyant governor was first arrested in Voi as he was reportedly trying to escape from arrest.

But Sonko’s drama did not end at his arrests, attempts by the police to fly him to Nairobi were met by bouts of resistance from the governor forcing the police to handcuff him.

During the scuffle, Sonko is heard insulting the Voi police boss who in turn reacted angrily by attempting to box him.

The officer was only held back by his juniors, saving Sonko from his wrath.

The governor is also heard crying sharply as the police officer attempted to handcuff him.

At the end of all the drama, the governor ended up with a torn T-shirt exposing his bulging belly minus his expensive blings.

Now if you thought you had a bad day in in office, then think about Sonko.

Here is a video of him crying;