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Gengetone artistes arrested over explicit video



Gengetone artistes Parotty and Kabagazi of the Wanati crew were on Friday arrested over the explicit nature of their song ‘niko Thirsty’ which was dropped on June 25th.

According to reports, the two alongside their director Moses Osidiana were arrested following a complaint from the Catholic Church leadership in Kenya.

In the xrated song, the group used clergy and nun outfits and even donned a Bible in the video. The video also features skimpily dressed nuns who are playing with their privates and in some parts also twerking.

The lyrics to the song also depicted nuns and fathers as a ‘thirsty lot’.

“Ma father ndio ma king wa sodomy…ma nun wako thirsty ni D hawaoni…” are part of the lyrics

According to a local publication Parotty and Kabagazi were arrested for painting the Catholic church in bad light.

“One of the reasons they were arrested is because they used Clergy attires in the music video, They also used the Bible as a prop and were also smocking weed in the same set.Basically they painted the Catholic Church in really bad light” The publication quotes

Following an uproar over the song, it was pulled down from Youtube and several Kenyans bashed the artistes for going to the extremes just for Youtube views.

Moral cop Ezekiel Mutua had earlier on weighed in on the issue asking if the artistes’ parents are comfortable with what they sing.

“In the song Niko Thirsty by Wanati, who are these kids Parents? tag their parents, Tag their sisters but don’t tag KFCB because you are only creating a war between the youth and the government and bringing them likes instead of helping. Instead tag their family members for them to intervene.” Murtua said on an interview with NTV’s Jane Ngoiri

The two were taken to Central Police station awaiting arraignment.