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Gengetone blamed for rising violence on teachers by students

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By Steve Osaka

Gengetone fans had a heated debate in one of their whatsapp groups over content of the gengetone music.

Ethic are believed to be the pioneers of the Gengetone genre of music in Kenya

The argument came against a backdrop of reports of students attacking their teachers and the non teaching staffs accross the country.

Some of the fans claimed that the current content of gengetone music is what might have contributed to the rising cases of violence among students.

According to one of the fans, the glorification of sex, drugs and the half naked vixens in the videos could have catalysed the bad behaviour among the students.

“Dear, Ezekiel Mtua, kama Mimi ningekua wewe infact kitu yangu ya kwanza kwa hii year ingekua Kuban Ngengetone  coz watoto wasiku izi wameharibiwa na Gngengetone coz, kama watoto wa umri mdogo zaidi wameanza kuua wazazi wao na hata wengine wana chinja warimu shuleni, what is that Ezekiel??” posed the fan.

” You should banned Ngengetone coz iven behaviors of the dancer’s of the music in fact their dressing is very poor,, na watoto wengine wanaongereshwa na wazazi wao na earphones ziko kwa masikio ukimtoa music ni ile ili,,kwasababu ulibanne DJ Afro coz ety anaongea rugha chafu end there is a kind of Music with the same behavior, my will is that Ngengetone inafaa to be banned, na zisichezwe kwa redio all TV show,” continued the fan.

KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua has been on record criticizing Gengetone music terming them as vulgar and promoting violence.


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