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‘Gengetone is a passing cloud’ rapper Prezzo says


Rapper Jackson Makini popularly known as Prezzo has weighed in on the new genre of music dubbed gengetone.

While on an interview on Jalang’o’s online show Bonga na Jalas, Prezzo termed gengetone a ‘passing cloud’

“Gengetone is a passing cloud… Let’s be realistic for example, ‘Mafand’ ‘Kare’ or Nameless, you know, pick any of those old songs, you know you can listen to those songs today and feel like it was just yesterday it was released… I’m happy for these young ones who are coming up you know, and whatever they are putting into the industry is a plus, but then ten years from now, I don’t think people would be listening to gengetone,” he said

Prezzo who has a new song out featuring P-Unit’s Gabu and Frasha expressed concern at the content of gengetone music.

His sentiments were echoed by Frasha who said that for gengetone to survive, then the artistes need to diversify what they sing about.

“The only problem I have with gengetone is the content of the songs. It is raw, unapatanga kuna watu wengine inawafanya wafeel uncomfortable, alafu it is hard to find a gengetone song that doesn’t sing about weed and sex” Frasha said.

His sentiments were echoed by Gabu who also called on the young talents to diversify their content.

“I give opportunity to young artistes to come and record, because ata sisi tulianza hapo. As Frasha said, lazima wajue how to code the content,”  Gabu said