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  • Georgina Castigates people spreading false narrative for clout
  • Sets record on future dating

Popular Content Creator Georgina Njenga has opened up about her current relationship status and addressed recent allegations surrounding her alleged romantic involvement with singer Lexsil.

In an interview with You Tuber Eve Mungai, Georgina dismissed the speculations that she was dating Lexsil, just a month after the highly publicized break up with Baha.

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She said that they are simply friends and not romantically involved, as some sources had suggested.

“No Lexsil is not my boyfriend; he is just my friend… I don’t know why people are saying that but I can’t explain why people say such things,”

she said

 She expressed her surprise at the false rumors and emphasized that her interactions with Lexsil have been purely platonic.

Georgina also took a moment to address the individual responsible for spreading the inaccurate rumors about her and Lexsil.

She revealed that going forward she would prefer a low key kind of relationship, she explained that the recent events in her personal life had made her value her privacy more than ever before.

“I even don’t know the lady and all the stories she said and it’s not something I want to talk about. I have met the lady once but the story she is giving out is a cooked story I don’t think I want to talk about it,”

Georgina and Baha

Elaborating on her breakup with Baha, Georgina shared that their separation had been a mutual decision fueled by underlying issues in their relationship.

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Despite efforts to salvage their connection, including involving family members, their attempts ultimately reached a dead end.

Georgina emphasized that they were not working towards reviving their relationship and had come to terms with their decision.

“…it was just not working, there were just piled-up issues, ni mambo mingi zenye hamjui,” 

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