Spanish Club Getafe has signed Manchester United Forward Mason Greenwood on loan for the season, with the club sharing a percentage of his wages.

United in statement said that the players is rebuilding his career away from Manchester United promising to offer him support to Mason and his family during the period of transition.

United announced last week that Greenwood would leave the club after assault charges were dropped in February. His contract with United runs to 2025.

In Spain he was accompanied by his Girlfriend Harriet Robson who was the complainant in the alleged assault.

Greenwood and Ms Robson have had a child together with the player announcing the birth in July.

Robson was seen smiling in the sunshine in a photo shared on her Instagram.

She has posted pictures on her Instagram story to her 725,000 followers of herself smiling at Getafe’s home ground – where the presentation took place – plus a Getafe shirt with the word ‘daddy’ on the back and the number 12.

This is the number Greenwood is set to wear this season.

Charges against Greenwood were dropped in February.

United carried out their own internal investigation before ultimately deciding it was best for Greenwood to play his football elsewhere.

Greenwood has not played for United since being arrested in January 2022.

September 6, 2023

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