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Ghanaian Actress Who Posed Nude With Seven Year Old Son Jailed

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By Steve Osaka

Popular Ghanaian actress Rosemond Brown also known as ‘Akuapem Poloo’ has been sentenced to three months in jail after she posed naked with her seven year old son in July.

Poloo shared the naked photo with her son on her Instagram page.

She was celebrating her son’s seventh birthday when sharing the photo.

In the photo she appeared crouching, holding hands with the boy who was in underpants, while her breasts were covered by her long hair.

The photo went viral earning her wide condemnation.

The Child Rights International, a non-governmental organization, pushed for her prosecution which saw her found guilty on Wednesday for publishing obscene materials, engaging in domestic violence and undermining the privacy and integrity of another person.

She was sentenced to three months in jail.

The actress who is an avid user of the internet where she regularly posts photos with her son, broke down upon being sentenced.

Her lawyer Andy Vortia has insisted on appealing against the sentence arguing that the actress is a single parent.

Her sentence has been applauded by a section of netizens who felt the actress failed in her parenting duties.

“A deserving sentence for Akuapem Poloo, the judge really did a good thing ?” wrote Anane Figo.

Some Ghanians especially local celebrities felt that the judge was too harsh in sentencing the actress.”Akuapem Poloo has been jailed for 90 days? This is sad charley. I really wished she was fined cos charley prison isn’t easy, but the law has spoken hmm” wrote KELEWELE JOINT@ANKAMAGYIMI.

“I think it’s a little harsh to separate a child from the mum just because of pictures taken… Would want to plead with the law to pardon our sister ?#FreeAkuapemPoloo” wrote Sarkodie@sarkodie.


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