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Ghetto Radio marks this year’s world reggae day in style

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By Annette Amondi

If you know nothing else, at least you know the name Bob Marley, the 1980’s Reggae musician who brought amazing works to the world.

Through this unique music style, Bob Marley shared the idea that three little birds will tell you that “every little thing gonna be all right!”

He had such a distinctive sound that it reached out and touched almost every aspect of the world.

Well, Marley wasn’t and isn’t the only Reggae artist by a long shot, instead being the most popular and well known in a musical style with deep spiritual roots.

International Reggae Day celebrates this Jamaican music style, and brings it to those unfortunates in the world who have yet to experience it.

International Reggae Day is an annual event held in Kingston, Jamaica and is dedicated to celebrating a style of music that entered into the world in a sleepy little country in the Caribbean and exploded to touch every corner of the world with its style

As the world marks the event today, there’s definitely some great ways to celebrate International Reggae Day, the best would be to take a trip down to Kingston to celebrate with some of the best musicians in this genre. Worry not, if you can’t actually get down to Kingstone, then dress up in your best Rasta colors and tune in to Ghetto Radio’s reggae Kuruka  from 5:00 to 9:00 pm because Kingstone will definitely be coming to you.

Today’s show will bring you a one on one conversation with the likes of Etana, Richie Spice, Red Fox and the sassy Queen Ifrica and as if that is not enough you will get the chance to request some of your favorites reggae songs from way back.

Tune in and enjoy this International World reggae day alongside Deejay Double Trouble in the Kinstone side of Kenya.

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