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Ghetto Radio presenter loses wife to Leukemia

Ghetto Radio presenter loses wife to Leukemia


About a week ago we ran a story on the painful struggles of Radio presenter Edgar Ogutu with leukemia.

Edgar’s wife Lilian Ogutu was diagnosed with Leukemia which is at times referred to as blood cancer about for years ago and has had to be in and out of hospital since.

Sadly the couple’s youngest son Kunta Kinte was also diagnosed with severe sickle cell anaemia and the journey for both mother and child has been unbearable.

On the 9th of October 2017 Edgar narrates how doctors called him, his children and his mother in law to Nairobi hospital to say their goodbyes to his wife who had slipped into a coma and had blood oozing out of all openings on her body.

Thedoctors gave him the sad news that the mother of his children would not make it but surprising she woke up from the coma about a week later and was discharged.

The hospital bill at the time shot to the highest and the family could not afford to clear it so he registered for a medical appeal and went on to seek help from well wishers to help clear the bill.

On November 16th early morning Lilian Ogutu lost the battle to Leukemia leaving Edgar to take care of their three children.
Edgar is now facing auctioneers and his bills have pilled up as he needs funds for the funeral arrangement as well as his son Kinte’s bone marrow transplant.
There’s only so much one can take and Edgar is once again appealing to anyone who can help him with whatever little which will go a long way in relieving his painful struggle.
The radio presenter at Ghetto Radio has retained the paybill number for the emergency mediacal appeal to allow those who would wish to contribute help him out.
The paybill number is 822674 account number is Lilian Akinyi