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Ghetto Radio Presenter saddened by news that his son may not live long

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Ghetto radio presenter Edgar Ogutu has been to hell and back. Just last year the presenter lost his wife after a long battle with cancer.

Ogutu’s son has also been battling anaemia for sometime and just recently doctors gave him some shocking news about his son’s health.

His 8-year-old boy Kunta Kinte who was diagnosed with severe anaemia and needs a bone marrow transplant before August 2018.

“The doctor already told me that Kinte may not live beyond his 12th birthday. The same thing that the doctor told me about my wife. We have been struggling and we are struggling to keep him alive. The disease is a cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. And he will need a bone marrow transplant” he said

Edgar exhausted his medical cover during his wife’s treatment and so far his son has not been able to receive the required treatment.

“Since my wife’s burial, Kinte has not received the required medical attention after he exhausted his medical cover,” he added.


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