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Ghetto Radio Presenters help fan who was evicted from her house

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Ghetto radio presenters Dj Bling and Bonoko came to the aid of a female fan that was left stranded after missing rent money.

Dj Bling received a call during Goteana show from a fan only identified as Maureen who was requesting him to help her friend who had been evicted.

The friend, Brenda, had moved in with her but Maureen’s husband  was not so welcome to the idea.

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After a week at Maureen’s house Brenda was once again kicked out by Maureen’s husband for overstaying their welcome.

Fans who were listening to the show felt pitty on Brenda and began calling to contribute money to top up what the presenters (Bling and Bonoko) had contributed to facilitate Brenda’s 3 month rent.

Brenda,a resident of Kayole says she was more than happy to have someone who came through for her

”I had a falling out with my husband who was the sole breadwinner of the family leaving me to fend for myself and our daughter aged 11 which proved to be hard especially because I don’t have a permanent job.” She said

Listen to the full audio below: