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Ghetto Radio’s King Kafu Bob Collymore and Juliani Spotted At Kamiti Prison. (Pics)


kafDespite mastering the art of sending those “Nitumie iyo pesa kwa hii number” text messages to loot money from hardworking Kenyans, Prisoners are human beings like you and me, and who need constant motivation and inspiration to hack through the hardships they face behind bars.

So, Ghetto Radio’s morning breakfast show host, one King Kafu teamed up with Safaricom’s CEO Bob Collymore and  Juliani to visit Prisoners at Kamiti Prisons where they donated basic essentials and moral support to the inmates.

Kafu’s involvement can be cited from his past criminal life when he spent over a year behind bars- Zangaro as he calls them- before his life took a major turn.

The program, partially sponsored by Pwani Oil and Mr.Kanyi (Contesting for MCA Ngara) is planning to visit Lang’ata Women’s not forgetting kids born behind bars as shared by King Kafu through his Facebook account.

“Big up Safaricom CEO, Juliani na Hip City ,Makadara Member of parliament na prison authority kwa support kwa ile visit ya Kamiti Prison kwa kuwa dunga bidhaa muhimu Zangaro na kuwapa hope ya life juu ni brother… next Langata Womens kwama sister na hatuta sahau watoi wale wamezaliwa prison…shukran Pwani Oil , MCA Mtarajiwa Ngara Ward Kanyi,” wrote down Kafu

Artistes, media personalities and corporates should borrow a leaf from the three and give back to the society instead of pondering money washing hands with expensive alcoholic drinks worth Kshs. 50,000.

Big Up Kafu.

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