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Ghetto Radio’s MajiMaji Proposes to Winnie Odinga during his show

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Veteran singer and Ghetto Radio Brekko show host Maji Maji gave Raila Odinga’s  Chogo (Last Born) daughter Winnie Odinga a marriage proposal while on air.

Maji as he is popularly referred to among close circles, had called Winnie Odinga to thank her for giving out 10 tickets to Gor Mahia’s game against  Angola’s Petro Atletico on Sunday.

It is while on this call that Winnie joked that she would be attending the game with an agenda of finding a husband.

“I would like to urge all the ladies to attend the game. You know it is in such places that you find husbands. Personally I will be looking for one.” She said

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Maji then responded saying that he is very much single and would also be attending the game as well.

Will they grace the game together?

Twist of events though, Winnie predicted that the game will end at 2-0 in favor of Gor while Maji predicted it will be a 3-1 in favor of Gor. So who will carry the day between the soon to be couple? Or should we already go on and call them husband and wife?

Be part of the game on Sunday to find out who amongst the two will win the bet on Sunday.

Winnie urged Kenyans to come out in numbers and support Gor Mahia on this game and called for more local supports for Kenyan sports.

In case you were wondering which EPL team Winnie Odinga supports, well, she is her father’s daughter and a staunch fan of Arsenal, she actually referred to Manchester United as a “village team”.