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Ghetto Radio’s New Chopper Stirs Fans

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By Steve Osaka

The annual fool’s day that’s commemorated on April 1st which consists of hoaxes and practical jokes caught Ghetto Radio fan’s by surprise.

The popular media house announced the arrival of its new helicopter H175 with an 18 capacity for business and expansion program.

It further announced that it wanted 10 fans to have a feel of the first flight through nomination in the widely listened to breakfast show dubbed #Brekko which is steered by the station’s Honcho Julius Owino also known as Majimaji and the hilarious King Kafu.

It turned out to be a moment of fun and laughter as some fans who were unaware of the day ‘fool’s day’ shared their joy for the choppers acquisition.

“Nipewe kazi kwa mlango na kamagera ipewe Bony Wa Macha” wrote Jojoh Sparta,

“Bora pilot atakua kama ule msee wa kudecode news mko tu sawa” wrote Kelvin Conscience Kamau.

“Bonoko awe pilot”Wrote Johniel Kivuva,”

Big man mwenyewe sir Majimaji, “Wrote Wycliffe Mzee Mzima Magofulu.

There are those that however did not fall into the traps of the prank.

Happy fool’s day “Wrote Dennis Gathungu Gwanso.

“April fool’s day prank “wrote Erastus Angatia,” Tuko Rada,it’s Fool’s day”Wrote Osundwa Bulemi.

 We hope you had fun as the new month of April sets off.


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