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Ghetto Radio’s Niaje Niaje Show Introduces A New Co-host

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Ghetto Radio mid-morning show Niaje Niaje that runs from 11am to 2pm is introducing a new co-host to the show.

 The yet to be officially unveiled co-host will be live on air from next week on Monday alongside the main show host Shideh.

The only known details about the new co-host is that he is a man and that he will be unveiled on Monday 2nd August as from 11am.

Niaje Niaje Show host Shideh during her show on Friday asked people to tune in on Monday because the new co-host is going to be dope

“Alafu my DJ kwanzia Monday, Monday kutakuwa kufire. By the way sijakupeleka na mutaratara. Waah Monday ndani ya ‘niaje niaje’ hakutakuwa the same again,” said the host.

When put to task by DJ Double Trouble about the new co-host, Shideh quipped that it will be a surprise and people should tune in.

“Ni surprise, sasa nikisema haitakuwa surprise. Sasa kuanzia Monday ‘niaje niaje’ haitakuwa the same again. So ambia beste aambie beste kuanzia Monday mambo itakuwa tofauti, mambo itakuwa  tofauti, mambo itakuwa different na fire so kaa rada ambia beste apo hivyo aambie jirani,” she said.

The ‘excited Shideh further added that the new sho host is going to be fun.

“Kama wewe ni fun si unajua hii ni movement hii si team. Hii ni movement ndio maanza nawapeleka na  rieng nawaambia this coming Monday kaaeni rada,” added the Host.

The show has been having one host and the introduction of a co-host will be a major boost to the show and radio station.

Take a wild guest on who the new co-host is going to be…


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