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Ghetto Radio’s Sassy No Nonsense Female Presenter Annitah Raey Madre’ Welcomes Baby Girl (Pictures)


FB_IMG_1462945686574Y’all must have noticed that Ghetto Radio’s morning show is missing out something, a regular female’s vocal who on most cases is rigid on her opinion despite Majimaji’s and King Kafu’s opposition. The debate is always heated with Annitah on board. This woman is tough and at times will even argue against what she knows is right,just to win the argument.

With that said the sassy diva got a baby. Yes Annitah is a mother,not of one but two as the number two just arrived a  number of days ago.

The sultry red-haired presenter welcomed her  bundle of joy last Saturday morning. A baby girl in this matter. Andrea is her name.

And trust me,Baby Andrea is already taking after mom big time, that strong will and attitude to overcome this chilly season.

Congratulations Mama Andrea,be soft and easy on her please,eh…she is just a kid,not a Kafu.(Laughs).

And Oh i just noted Annitah loves these lead letters like no ones business,starting from her own name,her son’s and now Andrea!!!!

Check the cute baby Andrea below;