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Ghetto Youth Group Recycling Used Plastic Bottles Into Amazing Art Projects


A youth group at the Kuwinda Ghetto in Karen have found a unique way of recycling used plastic bottles into amazing art projects.

The youth group that goes by the name Kibarazani collects plastic bottles and use them to make flower vases, skipping ropes and curtains.

“Instead of burning the plastic bottles which then release poisonous gases into the air causing global warming, we instead transform them into flower vases. We use the collars to make skipping ropes and the caps to make curtains,” said Ken Palo a group member.

Some of the bottles are also turned into beautiful artistic seats at their chill spot dubbed ‘Kibarazani’.

Ken says that it is best to recycle the bottles for art adding that the younger generation would emulate them in the future and save the environment.

“Hizi chupa zikichomwa zinapollute environment. Heri tuzitumie kwa njia poa bila kuzichoma, tuzilete pamoja tufanye creativity yenye baade ata watoi wetu watalearn through sisi,” says Ken.

He further states that the younger generation should be taught recycling at an early age so that it grows in them in order to avert environmental pollution crises in the future.

“Inafaa mtoi akigrow kutoka chini ajue kurecycle before pollution ianze kumletea shida. Utapata hizi plastic zinablock mtaro ama the the more inaweka maji ndani inaleta mbu then Malaria inatoka hapo. Hii idea inapunguza 50% chances za kupata Malaria na waterborne diseases,” adds Ken

The Kibarazani Cocktail was started by four members namely Ken, Paul, Matthew and Moses, currently accommodating over 15 youth and they are appealing for donations of more plastic bottles which they can use in their art.

You can reach them through their mobile number 0792762294 or catch up with their activities on their YouTube channel Kibarazani Cocktail.

By Stella Anyango


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