Gikomba traders say they will not relocate as ordered

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Traders at the Gikomba market have vowed not to relocate intimating they have nowhere to conduct their business.

The traders who have been asked not to rebuild their stalls at the market say, they are sensing malice in the manner with which the County Government is evicting them from the market.

Kamukunji Deputy county commissioner Moses Lilan has however warned that they will not allow them to rebuild their structures as they were on riparian land.

Lilan says the order was made to pave way for the construction of modern stalls at the market.

Kamunkunji MP Yusuf Hasan has called on the government to declare Gikomba a national market with clearly demarcated boundaries.

He says with the current scenario the market has been left as free for all hence encouraging unscrupulous people to take advantage of it.

He has further lashed out at the police for laxity in revealing who is responsible for Gikomba fires calling on the government to speed up the process.