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A Class eight girl who had escaped home has been rescued by police officers from Ayany Police Post in Kibra Constituency.

The girl who was living with her guardian reportedly left Lang’ata wher she had been accused of stealing money.

Humphrey Lando a Children’s Officer from Kibra says that after she was accused, the girl fled home and got lost in Kibra Sub County.

“Yesterday evening our police officers from Ayany officers rescue a minor who had run away from her home after being threatened by her guardian who accused her for stealing some money,” said Lando.

“Upon questioning, we found out that the girl hails from Baringo and that she has not been in Nairobi for a long time,” he said.

According to Lando, this was the third time the girl was being sent away from home by the guardian.

“It is not the first time the girl is getting lost.  The uncle who has been living with her has been mistreating her every time. Imagine sending a minor to search for lost money from Lang’ata to Ayany. It is not acceptable,” he added.

Lando has urged parents to raise their children on their own and stop entrusting them with guardians.

“Parents try as much as possible to raise your children. Don’t delegate parenting to any person,” said Larndo.

The child has now been left in the hands of her school head teacher as they wait for her mother who lives in  Baringo to take her

By Jeremick Joe


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