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  • This isn’t the first time the man is alleged to have perpetrated such a crime
  • His attempt to flee the scene was thwarted by vigilant residents

A Distressed Woman of four children in Mathare North Nairobi has come forward after her eight year old daughter was allegedly sodomized.

The girl was allegedly sodomized by a man known to the family.

The accused, a married man, is reported to have committed this heinous act in Mathare North where they were staying in a plot.

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“Nilikuwa nimeenda nyumbani ushago…mama yangu alikuwa mgonjwa…niliona niwaachie watoto baba yao kwa sababu walikuwa wanaenda shule…mathe alikuja akapass after five days….nilipofika Nairobi mtoto hakuniambia anything,”

she said.

The mother of the victim revealed to Ghetto Radio that her daughter was initially subjected to this traumatic experience in February of this year, while the mother had traveled to their rural area in Western Kenya to care for her ailing mother, who sadly later passed away.

Upon returning to Nairobi, the mother gradually learned about the horrifying incident through persistent questioning.

 The little girl confided in her mother, disclosing the disturbing details of her abuse at the hands of the man who was a neighbor and used to visit them frequently,the children commonly referred to the man as “Uncle”.

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“Siku moja Kuna kijana yangu hakuwa anafeel poa akaniambia nimcheck private parts…afterwords msichana wangu akasema kuwa angetaka kuniambia kitu bora nisimchape…..akaniambia wakati ulikuwa ushago Fulani alinifanyia tabia mbaya…,”

“Nikamuuliza kwani alifanya aje akasema alitoa susu yake akaniingia kwa pupu..nikamwambia atoe nguo kuangalia ndani nikaona ako na usaa na vidonda huko nyuma,”

Troubled by this revelation, the mother confided in her husband, and the decision was made to take their daughter to a hospital in Eastleigh for medical attention.

“Tuliamua na babake tumpeleke pale MSF eastleigh…hatukuridhika na treatment pale tukaamua kumpeleka Nairobi women…wakafanyia mtoto minor surgery…alipimwa ukimwi,damu,wakaosha mtoto,”

Child’s Revelations

Images of Mathare slums in Nairobi taken on October 16, 2016.PHOTO DENNIS ONSONGO.

However they decided not to report the incident to authorities at the time citing concerns over the passage of time.

Sadly the man allegedly abused the girl once again in July this year in Mathare North.

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This time, the mother decided to take action, reporting the perpetrator to the Muthaiga Police Station. Subsequently, the family sought help from the Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

The situation did escalate further as the mother confronted the accused man on the second occasion

“One day mtoto alikuwa anachota maji ndio nikasikia nduru ya mtoto…nikapata huyo mtu akilala na mtoto wangu….nikamuonya kuwa nimekuwa nikijua analala na mtoto wangu…lakini leo ningempeleka polisi….akajaribu kutoroka lakini akashikwa,”

Fear and Distress

Expressing her frustration at his repeated offenses, she warned him that this time she would not stay silent.

 However, his attempt to flee the scene was thwarted by vigilant residents, who detained him until police arrived.

The case was filed at the Makadara law courts, the man was released on a 300,000 shillings bail while the hearing of the case is set to take place on December 18th this year.

“Huyo mtu alisema ati namuwekelea…lakini anajua chenye amefanya….sasa amewachiliwa …sisi tunaogopa…anaweza fanya revenge…hiyo muda ya hearing ni ndefu sana,”

The family of the victim is now living in fear due to the accused man’s release.

They fear of potential retaliation and revenge on their daughter or even themselves.

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