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Girl wants to slap Uhuru!!!

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uhuNyambura is a young  frustrated single mother and survivor of Domestic Violence. The anger and pain in her voice as she narrates the struggle of the young girls living in the ghetto, a mirror of why Gender Based Violence will remain a monster in our society unless more willpower from the government and society at large is exerted.

During her candid interview in the Ghetto Radio Morning show Brekko, the reformed drug addict said if she got the chance to meet the president Uhuru Kenyatta, she would first slap him as he represents the system that has for ages neglected the poor Kenyans and forced young girls to stay in undesirable marriages where they are abused to a point of death but have to stay because they don’t have a better option.

Nyambura is a representation of what grassroot Gender Based Violence feels and sounds like and as we gear towards the sixteen days of activism campaign against Gender Based Violence, it is important for the government to leave the platforms and offices and go deep into the slums where the bed of violence lies. While it is true that GBV cuts across classes and status it is also true that poverty is the biggest factor.


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