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Girl who scored 353 in KCPE had resorted to selling sukuma wiki to raise fee


Judith Otieno a KCPE candidate who scored 353 marks had resorted to selling sukuma wiki in a bid to raise school fee for her to join form one.

Judith who sat for her KCPE exams at Ragumo Primary School in Kisumu County says that she joined her mother in her small sukuma wiki business when schools closed last year due to coronavirus in order to save money for her high school fees.

She told Ghetto Radio News that unfortunately the money she had raised was used to pay for her older brother’s school fee who is currently a day scholar at Kisumu Boys.

Judith has been called to Sinyolo Girls High School.

“When schools closed last year, my mother asked me to help her sell sukuma wiki so that we can save the little cash we earned to raise school fee,” narrates Judith.

“Unfortunately my brother who is a day scholar at Kisumu Boys had been sent home for school fee. So he stayed home for one week and mum decided to use the money she had saved for my high school fee to pay for my brother,” she says.

Having no choice, Judith then went back to her school in a bid to get help from her teachers.

“Fortunately that is when Ghetto Radio first got hold of my story and some help started streaming in,” she says.

Judith’s mother Jane Atieno says that life has been a bit hard for her ever since her husband and the father of her children got an accident and broke her back.

Atieno who is a mother of five says that part of the money she had saved in her chama was used to treat her husband and some went to her eleder son’s school fee.

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She says that sometimes they even go hungry or have uji for dinner due to lack of money.

“Judith’s elder brother sat for his exams in 2019 and scored 376, so for lack of funds we took him to Kisumu Boys as a day scholar,” she says.

“Life has not been easy since their father got an accident. We always go without lunch and sometimes go to bed with uji or nothing at all,” she says.

So far some well wishers have been sending money for Judith after Ghetto Radio aired her story, but she still needs more help in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a surgeon.