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Girl Who Scored A- Fails To Join University


A young girl in Nairobi’s Kiamaiko slums now risks losing her placement at the University due to lack of school fees.

Amina Mohamed a student at Kahuhia Girls who scored an A- was supposed to join Kabarak University last week to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

Her hopes however seem diminished owing to lack of school fees and her ailing mother who is suffering from cancer.

“I was supposed to join Kabarak University to pursue Pharmacy but I cannot go there because my mother is unable to pay for my school fees,” says Mohamed.

Mohamed who is the third born in a family of six says that she is yet to secure her secondary school certificate due to school fee arrears.

“Even the result slip from Kahuhia Girls was only given to us the other day after we managed to collect some money to clear part of the huge school fee balance that I have at the school,” she says.

Mohamed’s mother Zainab says that many suitors have approached her daughter for her hand in marriage.

“She has declined many suitors who have approached her for her hand in marriage because she wants to pursue her career, but I am unable to pay for her school fees because I am ailing,” says Zainab.

Her mother Zainab Mohamed has been battling cervical cancer for more than six years now.

Zainab says that her condition that is causing an overflow of blood has seen her husband abandon her with her six children.

“I have been struggling with this illness for more than six years, my husband abandoned us and went ahead and got a new family. He now has three children with the other family.”

Mohamed has a brother who also scored a B plain but has been unable to pursue her education further.

Her eldest brother who graduated from the University of Nairobi is yet to secure a job.


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