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Githurai Residents call on Leaders to help street Families


A section of Youth groups in Githurai area Nairobi are calling on local leaders to help street families during this curfew period.

According to Sammy Kababa, a number of street families were roughed up by police on Friday as the nation marked the first day of curfew.

“They have always slept under the bridge near Githurai 45. On Friday they were all beaten and chased away by the police. They spent the night in the rain next to the river.” He said

Teddy, a member of Walokoti youth group is now urging local leaders to provide a tent for the street families to spend the night in.

He is also urging local nurses to volunteer their time to educate street families about the deadly Covid-19 and the importance of quarantine.

“The leaders should give them at least a tent to sleep in then we will rally local residents to provide them with some food. They also have no clue what coronavirus is and that is very dangerous. It would be nice to have a nurse or a doctor to come and enlighten them.” Said Teddy