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Githurai touts charged with murder


Two touts working for Marimba Investments Sacco have been charged with murdering a motorist of Christmas eve in Zimmerman Estate in Nairobi.

The twp George Irungu Maina and Mr. Ian Mbugua could not plead to the charges when they appeared before the cpurt because they did not have a lawyer.

Lady Justice Jessie Lesiit however explained to them that they appeared in court to be informed of the nature of the case filed against them.

The killing of the motorists caused a huge cry from various quarters with many calling for action against the perpetrators.

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The High Court on Monday declined to lift a suspension that was imposed on Marimba Investment Sacco after its crew allegedly killed a man in Zimmerman, Nairobi on December 24, 2017.

Judge Roselyn Aburili ruled that Marimba Sacco has to follow the right mechanism to have the ban lifted, adding that the court cannot review an administration act unless all other internal mechanisms set by law are fully exhausted.

The judge further said that the suspension letter or notice was issued within the parameter of the act in the regulation of public service vehicles