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Golf for both rich and poor



The game of golf has always been assumed as the game of the rich ,yet most of the professionals golfers who have made it in the game are from humble backgrounds.

Speaking to ghetto radio sports professional golfer David Wakhu from Ngong Racecourse says that golf is a sport like any other it just takes discipline and having a workout routine .

“There is no need for anybody to limit himself or herself whether from a humble background or a rich home golf can be played by everyone.”

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Thanks to Betlion he managed to get sponsorship and this has helped him move to a higher level and achieve more in his golfing career.

“Most of the professional golfers on the ground lack sponsorship and this is a big challenge because this is what has been bringing the sport behind.”

David Wakhu who won the last Safari tour local tournament urges more local pros to get motivated and put in more effort in their practices because golf offers more opportunities and it allows the players to have enough exposure out there. .