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Gospel Artist Guardian Angel Admits That Gospel Music Is Dead


Kenyan Gospel Musician Guardian Angel has revealed that the Kenyan gospel music industry has died and cannot be recovered.

The musician says that the Gospel music died a long time ago and the only thing remaining thing is the gospel of God

“The industry that has been labeled the gospel industry in Kenya doesn’t exist anymore, it is dead it is a boat that sunk. The gospel artist that you people have been talking about is dead, it is rotten, it has been killed. The gospel of God is alive but that industry that people are talking about that thing is dead it died a long time ago,” said the musician.

The ‘hadithi’ hit maker hinted that he tried fighting for the industry but realized that he could not bring the industry back to how it was.

At first I thought I would stand firm and support and fight for the industry, niliona taki kupigania kitu nitawacha watu wakiendelea kungangana. And I thought why not build something new. The industry that just died, God used to come last for many people,” added the musician.


The musician blamed the end of the gospel industry in Kenya to poor leadership which started a long time ago.

“Everything rises and falls under leadership. If something has to rise it’s under leadership and if it has to fall it is under leadership. For us to start getting the courage to do the things that we do, for us to start getting the courage to sing the things that we sing or even say the things that we say is because of something that started a long time ago and it has grown until it has gotten to a place that it is normal for us,” he said.

The musician said that people used to compose songs as they picture the category it would fit in order for them to win an award.