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Gospel artist narrates how she stayed in a 21 year sexless marriage


A gospel musician in Tanzania was recently granted divorce after a marriage of 21 years without sex.

Rebecca Magaba revealed how she never got her conjugal rights during her marriage to her husband.

She says that her husband hid his sexual situation from her for the entire time that they dated.

According to her, she realised that there was something wrong on her wedding night when her husband would not touch her.

He instead went straight to bed and gave an excuse that he was tired.

Magaba says that she then sought the help of pastors a few days later and the man was summoned.

According to court papers, Maselege suffers from a condition in which one or both of the testes fail to descend from the abdomen into the scrotum.

While giving evidence in court on why the marriage should be dissolved, the singer claimed they failed to have sexual intercourse during the 21 years of marriage.

Delivering the ruling, Resident Magistrate Mwinyiheri Kondo said the court decided to dissolve the marriage “after satisfying itself that the couple is doing things contrary to marital expectations.”