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Gospel Artiste Releases Song Asking God To Give Him Nyonyo


nyonyoWell there seems to be an attempt to seriously prove that the gospel industry has lost it and that they should pack and move over already. This is after an annoying distasteful song was excavated from youtube where the gospel artist is asking God to give him ‘nyonyo’. Yes I kid you not, you read that right!

The song known as ‘Nyonyo’ has been done by an artist going by the stage name, SBJ, and after listening to it you will understand why it never saw the light of day till a whole year after, thanks to the sworn enemies of the gospel progress.

This guy sure took some heat off the Tiga Wana fury and for a while made Mama Wambo and Willy Poze look like saints. Who will rescue the gospel lot and restore sanity or should we just chill for Jesus to come down himself?

Mukami Kanyi