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Gospel Artists Warned To Stop Leading Fake Lives Online


Gospel Artist Guardian Angel has lashed out at gospel Artists for portraying a fake life on Instagram while living the opposite in real life.

This comes against the backdrop of scandals that have recently rocked the ministers of the word.

From Hope Kid and DK Kwenye Beat having a threesome with a Nakuru woman to Kabi Wajesus siring a child with his cousin, the gospel industry has served the public a lot of controversy.

 “The problem inakuwanga ile kitu tunaonesha watu kwa Instagram ni fake, by the time hiyo fake life inakuchokesha unarudi kwa real life watu wanaanza kukuona uko na shida unakuwa depressed but kama ungekuwa unaonesha ya ukweli ata ukiendelea kuishi maisha yako saa showbiz imekwisha uko tu sawa because watu wanajua hivi ndio huwa in real sense,” he stated.

His sentiments speak volumes with the recent plea of help from Justina Syokau ‘Twendi Twendi’ Singer who had previously boasted on social media as a successful gospel Star, only for tables to turn on her later.

The Nadeka Singer points out the pressures of social media as the real contributor to domestic squabbles which lead to stress and depression.

This has in turn prompted him to compose a song on the same ‘Social media’ which is an opening song in his to be released album ‘Thanks For Coming’.

“Pressure ya social media ni noma, inavunjia watu maboma,inakosesha wengi amani, Mungu naomba utuonee huruma,” says a line in the song.

The gospel Star who is married to a woman older than him also refuted claims that he followed her wealth.

If it’s money i was looking for in a relationship ingekuwa niliacha kuimba gospel saa hii.. Juu kama ni doo nimeget saa sinitulie nikule doo, that’s why huwa wanasema ukitaka kujua mtu ni mumble mpee doo uone character yake ya ukweli,” added the Singer.

He appealed to gospel Stars to be truthful in their ways for they are vessels of God.