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Gospel Singer Bahati Responds to the scandals facing EMB records


Gospel singer Bahati has faced criticism in the last one month regarding the mass exodus at his record label EMB.

The singer went on to narrate that all the stories that were written about him regarding the artistes that left EMB painted him in bad light.

He went on to narrate how he has helped many of the said artistes from grassroots levels yet some of them tarnished his image despite the fact that they owe him money.

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“Most of these artists I support, I meet them in conditions of life you cannot reveal. Some are even homeless. The fact is in Kenya, when you hear someone has been signed it’s not really a signing but it’s just like taking the position of a parent in their lives,One of the things I’ll tell you now is according to the records as I write this, there’s no single artist signed under EMB that is not owed by EMB a few millions (and I actually forgave them because saying this in the most humble way, none of these can pay me because music takes time to pay),” he went on

The singer went on to narrate how he helped EMB’s first lady Rebecca Soki to relocate from DRC to Kenya including her salon bills.

“(REASON BCOZ SIGNING SHOULD BRING YOU MONEY BUT IN THIS CASE YOU MIGHT SPEND YOUR MONEY SUPPORTING THEM ALL THEIR MUSIC LIFE***?TRUTH). We’ve grown to be UNGRATEFUL that’s why they’ll never say this but we forget GOD NEVER FORGETS. My Story – Before I even thought of Signing; the first Artist I picked, I literally stayed with for over 6 Months in my small Bed sitter Room in Githurai 44 bcoz I was struggling and this was my First ever House from Mathare as soon as I made my 1st hit MAMA but even though I had not made it yet I thought it would be good to just start holding other Needy Artists hand. I didn’t want them to go through the STRUGGLE I have gone through before I became BAHATI . Let’s not even talk about all this Artists you Know of How I’ve been Supporting bcoz this is not about Humiliating People. EVERY Sober person here Can testify of Where their Brands were before I picked them Two years ago to the glory they’re Celebrating Today. But in a Story you well know of is of my Last Female Signee from CONGO who by the time she approached me for help she was in a War front in DRC area and she desperately needed a way to come back to Kenya and Pursue her music Career. Think about the Costs of organising for her Visa’s while in in foreign Country and because she’s a Woman I had to rent her house juu Hauwezi ishi nayeye Kama Mwanaume. Once she gets into Kenya; putting her in the best environment just to let her relax as she’s goes through the healing Process. That simply means all Bills on you:- Salon, Food, expenditure because even if you’re helping her it’s just Godly I make sure she had the best. Let’s not talk about the Costs of taking her to Studio and finally getting her a good quality Music video that would Enable me introduce her to the Ministry again(Coz Our Fans don’t care if she’s been supported or Not: Our fans Just want the Best) . By the time time I was introducing her to you at the K. I. C. C ARTIST LAUNCH I had spent Millions,Yes Millions that will never Come back.” He added

The singer went on to narrate how the experience left him scared to even help new artistes.