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Gospel singer bashed online for claiming twin was killed


By Annette Amondi

Gospel singer Ali Mukhwana found himself in trouble with  Kenyans online after claiming his twin was killed for him to survive.

Mukhwana during a live interview said he had a twin who was killed in a luhya ritual killing.

Kenyans online descended on him with, demanding to know what luhya sub tribe he belongs to.

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Other online users called him out for tarnishing the luhya name saying there is no such ritual.

“Which Luhya culture is that? We have so many twins in Mumias who are even much older than this Mukhwana guy stop tarnishing our culture.” Said one user

Other users were on his side saying it is considered a curse to have first born twins in some luhya clans.

“I can only put it the way I understand his testimony and being a luhyia, there are some clans that believes firstborn twins is a curse, mine included. So, it is true but NOT ALL Luhya clans. The way he put it was right, but our understanding and take on this matter is different. It was a belief in those days, now salvation & Christianity is fading it away, BUT IT EXISTS. Thanks Ali Mukhwana for putting this, though you never elaborated well for them. Your testimony is big my bro. Baraka kwako.” Wrote Victor Wambeo