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Gospel Singer Eko Dydda Arrested put in forced quarantine at KMTC


Gospel singer Eko Dydda was arrested on Saturday, April 18th for flaunting curfew rules and has since been put in forced quarantine at KMTC.

According to the singer’s wife, he was arrested on his way home from a pharmacy where he had gone to get her high blood pressure medication.

The singer is said to have spent the night at Milimani police station before drama ensued when he was supposed to be released and he was sent to KMTC for the mandatory quarantine.

According to Sylvia, the situation started getting out of hand when the singer, who was stopped at a roadblock never resisted arrest but the police insisted on towing his car away.

“The first time, he complied. It was late, and there was a roadblock. I enquired of the police officers if it was legal for a car to be towed if the owner had neither declined to drive the car nor was broken down.

The singer has since broken his silence confirming that he is indeed in quarantine.

Eko Dydda also raised an alarm over the state of the quarantine facility and “It feels like they brought us here to get infected. There is no testing going on at the facilities despite being taken in on grounds of violating the curfew. It’s actually a punishment, those guys made it clear to us that hii ni fimbo Serekali inawachapa kwa kugeuka sheria. We are actually being punished, they said that, because even the way we are being treated, hakuna respect and there is no even asking Question, we are being treated like we are patient already, like criminals. Yaani ukishikwa for whatever reasons utaletwa quarantine,” said Eko Dyddahow they risk getting infected.

The singer further called out the authorities for asking a common mwnanchi to pay ksh.2000 daily

“It’s insane to tell a common mwananchi to pay KSh28,000 for the 14 days in #COVID19 quarantine and even on normal days he can’t affaord that kind of money. Most people wenye wako huku they are mad at the government because they are being kept here na hata hakuna tests wanafanyiwa,” added Dydda