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Gospel singer Justina Syokau’s Shocking Revelations On Her Ended Marriage

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‘Twendi twendi’ hit maker Justina Syokau has come out to reveal shocking details about her marriage with her ex-husband.

The singer had earlier on stated that her marriage hit rock bottom right after their wedding as the husband turned her into a punching bag.

 “Right after the wedding, my husband started physically and verbally abusing me; he’d punch me at the slightest provocation,” Justina had said.

The singer now says her mother in law would come sleep in her bed and when she complained her husband would brag about how his mother came first before anyone else.

Speaking to Mpasho, Justina says her own mother added to her struggle as she did not want her to leave the marriage fearing the stigma involved with divorce.


“In Kamba community, a single mother is seen as a failure and an embarrassment to the family. I remember there is a day I was told to pack my clothes and leave my matrimonial house and my mother was present and she did nothing,” she said.

The marriage made Justina fall into depression wishing she had an understanding mother to defend her as her husband continued physically and emotionally abusing her. Justina claims her husband would cheat on her with people she was close within their own house.

“He cheated with people who are close to me. The women would leave their bra and earrings on our matrimonial bed. When I asked about it he would tell me to go ask the people who sleep on that bed. There is a day I came out the house and people were looking at me funny.”

The singer says she was finally able to get out of the marriage and able to move on through God’s grace and her faith, which gave her strength. She also advices young people to wait till their older to get married as she would not have tolerated the things she went through had she been more mature.




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