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Gospel singer Kambua makes a comeback on social media


By Emmaline Owuor

Gospel singer Kambua is back on social media after taking a break in February when she lost her second born son.

The singer announced the death of her son through her Instagram asking her fans that she needed time alone and she will get back to her fans.

After a three month break, the singer made her grand come back by posting her photo thanking her fans who stood with the family through the moment they were passing through.

Kambua also acknowledged the fact that she is a mother of two boys one who is present with her and another who left.

“Love lifts. Love has truly lifted me, from a place of deep pain & despair. The love of God, my keeper… The love of each and everyone of you who cried with me, held me, prayed for me and my family.
I can never thank you enough for walking this journey with us, with all it’s briars and thorns. Every single call, text, gift, visit, prayer, has all worked together to steadily lift and set me on a path to healing. I thank you! I love you all SO much?
I am so blessed to be a mother of two adorable boys; one who’s here giving me the best cuddles, and another in heaven, who I’ll one day hold again. Jesus and I are going to have to co-parent on this one. As for my broken heart, I know that someday I will meet Jesus, and it will be made whole.

She also added that she passed through the tough times with the help of God.

“In all things I am a conqueror, because I have a Shepherd who leads me in paths of righteousness and valleys all the same. A comforter who’s comfortable with pain, who knows the way that I take. When he has tested me I shall come forth as gold. I now know without a doubt that God’s light is brightest in the dark,” added the post.

During the break, Kambua took time to work on a new song ‘Shukurani’ which premiered today on her youtube channel.

According to the singer, the song was inspired by pain and is used to acknowledge that God is there to see us through.

“Shukrani is a song birthed out of great pain, and deep gratitude. Knowing that both can coexist- our current struggles and the acknowledgment that God remains good for all He has done.
God promises to comfort and be with us even in the valley of sorrow. So as he comforts and lifts me, may He do the same for you. He is our GREAT and exceeding compensation! A good, good Father,” read the post

The song has over 10k views in the last 2 hours and fans and fellow musicians including Joyce Omondi congratulated her on her come back on social media and the release of the song.