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Gospel singer Mr. Seed opens Up about his lovechild


After being exposed for neglecting his baby mama months ago, finally Gospel singer Mr Seed has opened up about the allegation.

After falling out with fellow singer Weezdom over a cheating scandal that saw Seed exit social media, Weezdom went on to expose Seed of neglecting his baby mama known only as Sonia.

The gospel singer now says his life is his business and people should stop dragging his family into controversies.

“Even if i have a child it’s my personal business. I choose who to put in the limelight and who not to. As a parent, I can decide what I want for my kids. If I decide to keep my kids out of the limelight it’s none of your business. Respect is important.” He said

The singer further asked people to stop dragging his family into controversies.

“It hurts to see people drag families in controversies. You can criticize me and my music but respect my family. I can’t fight your family. I’ll deal with you alone.” He added