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Gospel singer Nicah announces break up with DJ Slahver


Gospel singer Nicah the queen has announced that she has broken up with her boyfriend Dj Slahver.

The musician said that they have both agreed to go their separate ways but did not disclose the reason that led to that.

Nicah went ahead and wished her ex-boyfriend a happy life after their separation.

“Slahver and I have decided to call it quits and go our separate ways! People can fall in love and they can also fall out. All in all we move on regardless! I wish him nothing but the best,” Nicah wrote.

Dj Slahver responded to the breakup issue by saying that he is not ready to talk about what led to the two separating.

He also thanked his fans for reaching out to him and checking on him.

“Thanks for reaching out after the news broke out. I don’t think I can say anything at the moment until both of us recover from whatever just happened. It’s wise not to say anything while not in my right senses,” he said.


Nicah had previously had an argument with Slahver and even threatened to take him back to his parents.

“Let me ask ya’ll has someone ever done something that annoyed you even when he speaks you feel all the more annoyed. I feel like taking you back to your parents. I won’t cry I am a gangster,” Nicah wrote.

The two have been in an open relationship posting photos of each other on social media and advising people how to be in a relationship.

The singer had previously washed Slahvers feet advising ladies to always take care of their partners.

By Emmaline Owuor