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Gospel singer Papa Dennis was Killed, Twin Brother speaks out

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Simon Mwangi, the twin brother to the late gospel star Papa Dennis has left many questioning if his brother was pushed to his death.

Speaking at a recent interview, Simon narrated how Papa Dennis had warned him that someone was trying to kill him (Simon)

He however says the fallen singer did not reveal who or why he was to be killed.

Simon maintains that he has been living very fearfully since his brother died.

“I have been fearful because i do not know what happened to my brother, right now i cannot even walk alone at night, before papa died he was told I was the one to die first. I had gone to Jamhuri and we met at the junction mall, he told me someone had told him, ‘i was to die’. He never told me why or who was to end my life. I prayed to god and asked that he protect me, but if it was my time then so be it.” He said

Mwangi insists that according to the post mortem report, his brother was killed.

He maintains that there are still conflicting reports whether he was pushed from the 4th or 7th floor.

“We were in the studio when he left. We don’t know what happened. I’m still waiting for DCI to let us know. My brother was killed. Based on the postmortem, he did not fall. There are many inconsistencies on if he fell from a 7th floor of the building or the 4th floor of the building. Also we were shown how a person who has fallen from the second floor of a building looks like and if you compare that with hos papa Dennis looked on the night he passed on, they don’t match” he said

Mwangi also went on to maintain that he has been missing his brother to the point that he sometimes finds himself calling his number.

“I feel like it’s a bad dream but sometimes i feel like he is still. There is a day i tried calling him even though i knew too well that he was already dead.” he added

Papa Dennis’s was found dead on the roadside in Pangani, Nairobi, on Friday 7th February 2020.

The singer allegedly fell from a story building that housed Nairobi records where he spent his final moments.


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