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Gospel Singer Says Wife Was Okay With Him Threatening To Strangle Daughter


Kamba gospel singer Stephen Kasolo reveals wife was part of recording of the video of him verbally abusing and threatening to strangle his three year old daughter.

The musician said that they were having fun as a family and did not expect the reaction they received from people.

He also argued that those judging him do threaten their children but do not put it out in public.

Mama yake ndio alichukuwa video na simu yangu. Na mama yake ananitrust na huyo mtoto na hata anajua mtoto anapenda baba yake na siwezi mfanyia kitu mbaya na hakukuwa na issue yeyote and she was very comfortable ata alikuwa anaona ni fun, we were joking with our baby. Hizo maneno ni kitu normal it is only that they are done behind the curtains na yangu ilitokea ikaenda viral which ata mama yake hakukuwa anaexpect,” Kasolo said.

The musician threatened to end his life incase his child is taken away from him by the Kenyan government.


I wish hii video Mungu afanye juu chini itoke kwa media na siku moja asikuje kumuona. Kwanza vile nimeskia serekali watu wanasema wamchukuwe naapa mtoto akichukuliwe nafaa. Kwa sababu huyu mtoto nikimuona nauona mama yangu and she has really made life good. So Shine in case you come across this video just know that I love you so much,” says Kasolo.

The singer also took full responsibility of his actions and apologized to Kenyans for using the words.

That is why nasema I am very sorry na nimeomba sana kwamba hayo mambo yakatike. Unajua kitambo kusema words kama hizo ilikuwa normal lakini nimekuja nikalearn that dunia imebadilika na that mtoto si wangu ni wa waKenya. Am sorry nimeskia vibaya kuona video ya mtoto wangu ikiongelelewa vibaya na sikukuwa naexpect that itapata that kind of response. Nimesema pole sana kwa wale wamama wote wameskia kwamba wameumia wanisamehe,” he added.

Yesterday a video went viral of the musician threatening his daughter for allegedly breaking his expensive bottle.

Netizens had requested the police to intervene and take the child to a safe environment away from the father.