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Gospel Singer Wahu Goes Ham on Social media Trolls


Gospel star Wahu Kagwi has fired back at her trolls who are constantly sending her messages on how she should live.

In an online post, Wahu says she lives outside the conventional societal expectations so no one should expect her to live how they see fit.

“I intentionally work towards living my life outside any conventional boxes….the societal expectations, the “mùtarataras….” the “huku kunaendaga hivis”….those are like little prisons… don’t know about you, but I ain’t nobody’s prisoner. I ain’t breaking the law of the land and I’m constantly striving to walk closer with my God and living in harmony with others, and my family is ok, the rest are details.” She wrote

She went on to ask trolls to stop flooding her inboxes asking her to change her lifestyle.

“So please don’t be dm-ing me about what you think I should or should not do… quite frankly, and I mean this in the nicest way….It doesn’t matter too much ?. I’m intentionally doing me. I’m not perfect… not an angel…I dont know it all… but I’m doing me..and me..may not necessarily be what you expect. Please be ok with that. Lets do ourselves a favour and strive to become the best versions of ourselves… not what is “expected” of us.” She added