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I Got Arrested While On A Mission To Meet Mandela – Snoop Dog

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US rapper Snoop Dogg has finally revealed why he never got to meet former South Africa President Nelson Mandela.

The ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ rapper was being interviewed by South African rapper Nasty C.

Nasty C wanted to know why Snoop Dogg, with the influence he wields globally never got to meet Nelson Mandela in person.

To which Snoop replied mentioning his alleged detention on his way to see the Pan African hero.

“I never met Nelson Mandela. Actually, when I was going to meet him, they took me to jail. I got stopped in London,” said Snoop.

Snoop says that he thinks that was a sabotage since he had to reschedule after he was locked up together with his crew.

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“I think it was sabotage cause they didn’t want two kings to meet, but I think our spirits are connected so cause am doing the work he would’ve been doing at this age you know what am saying,” he stated.

According to Snoop Mandela, passed the baton to him.

” I look at it like that, when certain people are put on this earth they gotta pass the baton to the next man to run with, to run with the work. You know the one’s before us, they did the job, they did as much as they could now it’s our job to go as far as we can so when we pass off to your generation, y’all keep running, ” said Snoop Dog.

Since the outbreak of the Covid pandemic Nasty C has been trying to reconnect with his fans by hosting podcasts on his Instagram.

Snoop was the latest Star he featured having travelled to Atlanta for the sit up with the rap icon from Long Beach California.


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