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Gota City Set To Release New Song


By Steve Osaka

Gota City is set to release a new track months after releasing two hit tracks Monchoka and Ngumi Ni Jamo.

The song dubbed ‘Saka Madoo’ is set to premier on YouTube today at 6pm.

Speaking to Ghetto radio News, Gota City Group Member Mdocho says that the song talks about their hustles and bustles of life.

“Mboka ni nyingi nasaka ma mulla/Mboka ni nyingi nasaka ma doo/Mboka ni nyingi nasaka chingi/Mboka ni nyingi nasaka ma show,” reads a line in the song exclusively heard by Ghetto Radio.

“Nijaze walenje mifuko za koti shilingi nichange nijaze kwa ndoo” further goes another line in the song.

Both the intro and the outro are done by Madocho Wa Kanairo using his signature Sheng mastery.

Known for their beef with Mbogi Genje, Gota City currently commands a 35,000 subscription on its YouTube Channel.

Their debut single ‘Ngumi Ni Jamo’ has so far received 466k views with their follow up track ‘Monchoka’ currently at 625k views.

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Their latest track however seems to be slacking, managing a paltry 100,000 views on YouTube, two months after release.

Madocho however says that their musical success has had a myriad of challenges occasioned by the corona pandemic.

To earn a living, the group has however been forced to venture into other activities.

Currently, they run a car wash, Sell water and offload sand.

‘Kukata Mungacha’from lorries. ‘Mboka ni Kibir'(Hustles are several) ” Wasee Wazidi Ku Subscribe, kulike, kucomment na kushare”said Madocho Wa Kanairo in his parting short.