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  • They seeked government help but no help yet coming their way three days to the event.
  • They have launched a funds drive to buy airteckets and are now short of Kshs. 138,000 with 3 days to go.
  • So far only 15 out of 54 African countries have registered to compete in Rabat due to similar challenges.

The Kenyan Break-dancing team is frustrated by the lack of support and concern from the Kenyan government to travel and participate in the WDSF Breaking Continental Championship in Rabat, Morocco on the 12-13th May 2023.

This will be the Continental Qualifier for the 2024 Breaking Olympic to be head in Paris, France.

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Besides the Government, they have reached out to the Olympic committee, Private sector players among others but still no sign of help is coming through 3 days to the event. This has set them on desperation, taking to their social media pages and circles in reaching for help.

“We have tried every possible option; Government, Olympics Committee, Private Sector but no help is coming through. We have only two days to raise funds for the air tickets and we are not giving up”.

Their Funds drive.

Support Kenya Break Dancing team video shot for socials appealing for help

With the government and agencies turning a deaf ear, they have lunched a funds drive via their social which directs any help towards an MPESA Number; +254 721 1325717 and PAYPAL:

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They have created awareness of their predicament and went live on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook. So far via their effort they have raised Kshs. 162,000. (One hundred and sixty two thousand shillings), approximately $1350.

“So far, we have managed to raise Ksh.162, 000 (approximately $1350 since we launched the donation this morning. We are making a final push and any support will be highly appreciated.”

About the Breaking Olympics

The Kenyan Break-dancing team through sweat and tears managed to qualify for WDSF Breaking Continental Championship representation roster. They duly need our support though their fate is not unique.  

Ironically, the recognizes the 2024 Olympic event and it is not expected these dancers are neglected in the only route to the competitions.

“Plans are already underway to introduce the sport at the grassroots with an aim of growing the sport and have a presence in Paris when the sport will be making its debut at the Olympics” said Francis Mutuku the NOC-K secretary general.

So far only 15/54 African countries have registered to compete in Rabat due to similar challenges: lack of support from the government and responsible agencies.

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Break Dancing for the first time will appear in the 2024 summer Olympics in Paris. The stride was made to include variety of Urban sports in the competition.

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